• Troops to Energy Jobs guides veterans step-by-step in transferring military training to a new energy job, identifying any additional education and credentials needed, and supporting in the job search. Managed by Center for Energy Workforce Development.

  • Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program Fellowship candidates are carefully matched with participating companies based on the specific skills of the candidate and the preferences of both parties. Candidates then undergo exclusive on-the-job training at their host company, gaining firsthand experience in the private sector. 

  • American Corporate Partners and Veterati, free mentorship programs for transitioning veterans

  • Veterans in Global Leadership, DC-based fellowship

  • Power4Vets by IncSys helps vets find the best job openings, and we also help facilitate them for those jobs by providing relevant online coursework, online simulator training, online certification prep work, personal coaching, and individualized job placement assistance

  • Veterans Energy Pipeline managed by American Petroleum Institute

  • NEPTUNE Microgrid Boot Camp at Arizona State University The microgrid boot camp is a 40-hour intensive, all-inclusive approach to microgrid education focusing on infrastructure basics

  • Solar Ready Vets (Inactive) is an independent program administered by participating military bases, using a variety of tools and partnerships developed during the pilot phase while it was administered by The Solar Foundation (More information from DOE here: LINK)


  • Veterans In Energy provides transition, retention and professional development support to the growing population of military veterans who have chosen energy careers. National employee resource group with plans to grow a membership platform developed by utility trade associations.

  • Operation Free is a coalition of veterans and national security experts who believe oil dependence and climate change pose threats to our national security. Advocates for securing America with clean energy. Managed by Truman National Security Project.

  • GreenVets regenerates men and women who have served in the military for green jobs and green living. Veterans are reintegrated to a healthy lifestyle that focuses on green living and trauma resolution in the built environment, with emphasis on career development for green industry jobs and entrepreneurship. Participants receive on-the-job training for green industry professions by participating in veteran service-oriented projects with best in class, proven community partners. Managed by U.S. Green Building Council.

  • Vets4Energy is a group of volunteer veterans who continue to serve America as advocates for energy policies to sustain our national security. Partners with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) across the country to deliver the message that Energy Security = National Security. Sponsored by American Energy Forum which is sponsored by American Petroleum Institute.